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Hartman Roofing is committed to delivering quality above the competition. Our professional staff provides excellent craftsmanship and uses only the best, brand-name materials that we would choose for our own homes. If your roof needs repair or replacement, let us work with your insurance company to resolve your claim and get the value and service you truly deserve.

A home that has had roofing replacement services in Midland, TX
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New Installation

Whether you are building a new home or need to replace your old roof, we offer complete tear out and new installation.

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Roof Repair

We repair most roof damages that can occur due to storm damage, hail damage, missing shingles, tree over-hang and other light damages.

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Roof Maintenance

We recommend everyone schedule regular roof maintenance to extend the life of your roof. Our residential and commercial roof maintenance services are the best way to maintain a healthy roof system.

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Quality Comes First

Our customers trust Hartman Roofing because we are industry leaders recognized as a premier-quality supplier of roofing products and services. We are committed to staying up-to-date with advancements in both the roofing and insurance industries, ensuring we continue to provide the optimal value to each of our customers. Since roofing is our entire business-- not just part of our business-- we are vigilant to creating a safe and healthy roof for your home and family. We put this commitment into every roof and stand firmly behind the quality in every job.

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About Us

With 30 years of experience, Hartman Roofing is a trusted provider of roofing products and services. We bring state-of-the-art technology along with decades of expertise to every project to ensure your roof is solid and safe. As your ally in the roofing business, we bring the most up-to-date practices and provide incomparable value to your home.

Hartman Roofing started in May 1988 in San Angelo, TX. By focusing on quality, service and reputation, our little “family business” has grown to become one of the largest and most-trusted roofing providers in West Texas and beyond. Our customers vouch for our quality and continue to trust us year-after-year. Let us demonstrate our commitment to excellence, and we guarantee, you will never need another partner in the roofing industry.
Today, the Hartman Roofing team is at work in Abilene, Amarillo, San Angelo, Midland, and San Angelo, TX, as well as Clovis, NM, transforming homes with high-quality roofs and unparalleled service. Operating multiple locations in the region, allows us to quickly deploy highly experienced roofing experts across West Texas and eastern New Mexico. Trust our qualified team and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your roof is healthy, attractive, and affords the standard of safety we would insist upon for our own family.
1. We will serve all of our customers with the same level of integrity and respect we would expect personally.

2. We will cultivate personal relationships with each of customers to ensure we meet their expectations for every project-- big and small.

3. We will always use only the highest-quality materials in every job we complete.

4. We will invest ongoingly into the skill level and expertise of our team, always looking toward the future for improvement and continued innovation in our industry.

5. We will work tirelessly to maintain a reputation as the premier provider of quality and service in the roofing business.

Our mission is to exemplify the best craftsmanship and highest-quality construction while setting the standard for honesty and integrity in the roofing business. We treat each of our customers like family, devoting the time and attention to ensure our work meets every expectation of quality, aesthetic and safety. We strive to instill a personal level of consideration and maintain the same small-town business mentality that made us one of the largest and most-trusted roofing companies in the first place.


Each one of our technicians is not only trained and certified in the highest standards of roofing, but personally mentored in a culture of excellence to ensure every member of our team exhibits the same commitment to service pronounced by the highest levels of our leadership.


The quality of our work is evidenced by the endorsement of our thousands of satisfied customers who have found an ally in the roofing business for life. We strive to bring exceptional workmanship to every job and do not consider the job complete until our customer is satisfied.


With 30 years of experience, Hartman Roofing has cultivated a stellar reputation of customer satisfaction. We distinguish ourselves from other roofing companies by delivering the highest-quality products and services and by relentlessly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Roofing Company in Odessa, TX | Hartman Roofing

Odessa, Tx

The replacement of a roof is by far one of the costliest home improvement repairs faced by homeowners. The materials are just a small portion of what is being paid for when hiring a roofing company. The rest will go to the skilled labor that is needed to complete the job in an accurate manner. The roofing company that you select affects not only the lifespan of your roof, but the total resale value of your home as well. Anyone can put a ladder in the back of their vehicle and call themselves a roofer, but they might not have the experience and skillset necessary.Luckily, we have compiled some tips to keep in mind to make the process of finding a roofer easier than ever before.

Look at Reviews

The easiest and best way to figure out the quality of work that a roofing company provides is to seek out the reviews and opinions of previous customers. They are not likely to mince words and will tell you exactly how their experience went as well as any pros and cons that they noticed. Be sure to ask those who you are close to such as friends and neighbors for recommendations as well as they likely are not going to point you in the direction of someone who provides subpar work

Professionals over Part-timers

It is of great importance that you remember that you should never choose a roofing contractor simply because they are most affordable or offer the best rates. Bids thatare cheap have the capability to drive down the market resulting in anyone who hasinsurance, and any sort of overhead has to establish pricing in efforts to cover such costs. Those who are not roofers fulltime and choose to take on side projects will always have the capability to do the job very cheaply. However, in the long run you will absolutely get what you pay for. Customers that choose to select a company solely due to the fact that they were a fan of their rates will oftentimes spend more trying to fix the issues created by the roofing company. Rest assured that is not an issue when it comes to Hartman Roofing. We offer rates that are equal with the current market rate, but we go the extra mile to ensure that customers are completely satisfied and place a great deal of pride on the quality of the work that we provide.


It simply cannot be stressed just how important communication is when in need of roofing in Odessa. You will want to make note of whether the company is returning your phone calls and responding to you in a timely manner. Did they follow through with the things that they promised you? If the answer to any of these questions was"no", it is essential that you express these concerns to the company representative or seek out the assistance of a roofing company that has better communication skills. At Hartman Roofing, we know communication is essential with every businesstransaction. We strive to provide customers with answers to any questions that theymay have as promptly as possible in attempts to make sure that they get assistance with their roof issues before it gets any worse.


Speaking of communication, it would be an excellent idea to get any of the details that were agreed upon between both parties in writing. You should be in control throughout the whole process of selecting a contractor and having a running record of the terms that were agreed to simply ensures that you will not be taken advantage of. Some terms to discuss include how long the project is expected to take, the total cost, and even the size of the crew that will be involved with the project. You should never hand over the agreed upon funds until after the work has been finished. Not only that, but you will need to ensure that the project has been completed to your standards and that you are fully satisfied with the end results. This only serves to protect you and ensures that the services rendered were done tothe standard that was promised.

Image used for customer feedback for awesome roofing in Midland Texas brought to you by Hartman Roofing. In my opinion the best in the west.

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Image of a roof newly installed by Hartman Roofing in Midland Texas

Hartman Roofing of Midland Texas

This is an image of a new roof that was installed in a residential house located in Midland Texas.

Residential Roofing that was preformed by Hartman Roofing in Midland Texas

Hartman Roofing of Midland Texas

This is a picture of the Hartman Roofing Facility located in Midland Texas. We are large enough to handle any job small enough to take of the details.

Wood shingle installation in Midland Texas by Hartman Roofing of Midland Texas

Hartman Roofing in Midland Texas

This is a new roof installed on a residential house that is located in Midland Texas.

Steep roof that was roofed by Hartman Roofing and I think they did a great job.

Hartman Roofing of Midland Texas

This is a Cedar shingle roof installed on a roof. We offer all variety of roofing shingle types.

Another Wood Shingle roof installation by Hartman Roofing

Hartman Roofing in Midland Texas

This is a new roof installed on a steep pitch. There is no roof too difficult for us.

A beautifull roofing job that was accomplished by Hartman Roofing

Hartman Roofing in Midland Texas

This is another angle of the cedar shingle roofing project that we completed in Midland Texas.

Residential Roofing job in Midland Texas

Hartman Roofing in Midland Texas

This is another image of a residential roof that was installed in Midland Texas by Hartman Roofing

Another excellent roofing project by locally owned and operated Hartman Roofing of Midland Texas

Hartman Roofing Midland Texas

This is roofing install job in progress. This shows that we use quality roofing materials and employees

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